Our principal activities are as follows:

Our investment advisory services provide personalized investment allocation and guidance for investors with minimum liquid assets of N100 million.
Investors’ preferences and behavior vary from one investor to the other depending on the investors’ experience, interest, beliefs and reasons for investment. Their attitude to risks and uncertainty are heterogeneous with polar extremes of risk averse and risk taker. Generally, returns from investment exhibits some form of established correlation with the risk.

We offer our clients our expertise in risk analysis as we establish the individual client’s risk behavior. This behavior forms the basis for our advice on portfolio construction to achieve optimality. Our investment advisory services, principally, aim at maximizing returns while ensuring safety and liquidity. Our solutions afford our clients the opportunity of optimizing their portfolio in the face of their diverse individual investment Objectives and risk attitude.

Investment advisory services are provided within the context of investment parameters and objectives agreed with clients. These services are supported by our outstanding equity and capital market research, our proprietary trading and investment management activities.

Our investment advisory services include the following:

  • Advice on portfolio structure in line with objectives, life cycle and any regulatory requirements
  • Review of existing portfolio
  • Review of investment proposals
  • Advice on security selection
  • Monitoring of investments and preparation of quarterly portfolio reports
  • Liaison with Registrars and Brokers on investment portfolio
  • Regular market updates and reports (appraisal of latest developments in the economy and capital markets and opportunities).

1. Corporate Review and Restructurings

We assist companies in reviewing their financial structure with a view to providing advice on an optimum capital structure, as well as identifying the appropriate debt structure for corporate objectives.
We also provide advice on alternative sources of funding, terms of restructuring of debts, refinancing options and assist in negotiating terms of restructuring/rescheduling and new financing. We support our clients on strategies for listing/quotation on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, working capital policy, dividend policy and Employee Ownership plans.

Our restructuring advisory services include:

  • Financial Review and assistance in development of business plan
  • Evaluation of financing alternatives and assistance in preparation of restructuring plan
  • Valuation of company, subsidiaries and business units
  • Assistance in negotiation of terms with creditors, lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Assistance in raising required new financing

2. Merger and Acquisition solutions

Mergers and Acquisitions represent key strategies for achieving growth and might represent the swiftest route to new markets. They could also represent the only viable survival option for companies in rapidly consolidating sectors.
We provide advisory services to prospective acquirers or target companies on capital restructuring ranging from mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalization to leveraged buyouts. Our services are committed to the realization of short and long term growth and profitability objectives of the stakeholders.

Specific service coverage cuts across the pre and post transaction services including:

  • Review of strategic objectives and optimality of embarking on a M & A transaction
  • Identification of acquisition targets
  • Valuation and evaluation of terms of merger/acquisition
  • Assistance in negotiation of terms of acquisition/merger
  • Assistance in documentation
  • Assistance in raising required financing where necessary
  • Coordination of parties to the transaction

Our principals have extensive hands on experience in M & A in Nigeria, having handled the first merger scheme between two quoted companies in Nigeria together with their involvement in other successfully completed M&A transactions in recent times in Nigeria.

3. Small And Medium Enterprises (SME) Advisory

SMEs promise a dazzling opportunity to stakeholders. Stakeholders of SMEs are the entrepreneurs, customers, servicing associates and the society at large. One major problem faced by these SMEs is the lack of access to fund. This is because of their inability to meet the credit requirement of the banks as well as compete favorably with the giant corporations.

The banks, the major provider of credit, are usually skeptical about the managerial competence of these firms and the viability of their projects. This has accounted for the banks’ caution in extending credit to these firms.

We work closely with SMEs to bridge this finance gap with the aim of achieving enhanced performance. We also assist Banks and Financial Institutions with equity investments under the SMIES scheme in project supervision and monitoring.

Our SME Advisory services cover:

  • Conducting project reviews for existing and new investments;
  • Preparation of restructuring/reorganization plans;
  • Representation at board level where necessary;
  • Negotiation of terms of investment or restructuring
  • Review of exit strategies and options
  • Project monitoring and reporting for lenders

4. Project Finance Advisory

Our project finance advisory service is structured to assist companies and individuals promoting new projects or expanding existing ones. We are equipped to support in such specific areas as the review of feasibility studies and business plans, structuring and sourcing of required finance. We also assist in sourcing and negotiating terms with International Management Groups where required.

Our principals have extensive project finance experience at leading merchant banks and International financial organisations. We also maintain good relationships with a number of multilateral agencies and private equity funds.

This service is provided to Estates of high net worth individuals with quoted securities portfolio size of a minimum of N250 million.

The scope of our share transmission services include:

  • Updating of status of holdings and outstanding dividends and certificates with Registrars and Company Secretaries
  • Processing of transmission with Registrars and Company Secretaries
  • Collection of outstanding dividends and certificates

Our principal publication is:

First Ideas Capital Market Review – A quarterly report on the Nigerian economy and capital markets.

We also conduct in-house Corporate Finance, Fund Management and Credit Training for Financial Institutions.